5 Year Extended Warranty

Just like a car, more and more bicycle manufacturers require a regular professional service history before honouring warranties.

Warranty Plus

Cycleworld keeps you covered with Warranty+

Extending Shorter Warranties

With every bike sold, Cycleworld offers a five year warranty on mechanical working parts, as long as the bike has a full service with us every 12 months. -Eg, if your component has a two year warranty, we extend it by an additional three years.

Please note; the extended warranty does not cover:

  • Misuse, eg suffered from a crash, abuse, mistreatment etc.
  • Consumables, eg wear to tyres, tubes, chain/sprocket/chainrings etc.

Maintaining Longer Warranties

By servicing with us, we can help provide documented evidence that the bike has been serviced regularly, should you need to make a claim in the future.

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