Bike Servicing


Service+ ensures your bike starts life in peak condition.

Free 90 Day Full Service

A full service on a geared bike is normally $129 and $79 on a single speed, but we give it to you absolutely free when you purchase a bike through Cycleworld.

Every new bike needs to be ridden for a while to bed in all the moving parts before receiving a full service early in its life. This gives us a chance to;

  • tighten any stretched cables. -Cables stretch the most when they are first installed, and then continue to stretch at a slower rate over time.

  • lubricate and inspect. -Lubricate and check the bike for any unusual wear and tear before it becomes a problem.

Please be sure to book your free service in the first 90 days. A regular bike user should do it in the first few weeks, an infrequent user should get it done closer to ten weeks.

Please do not let the 90 days pass in the hope to redeem the “free service” as a four, five or six month service. The main purpose of the early service is to address any potential issues before they become an expensive issue.

Even if you haven’t used your bike much in the first 90 days, we’ll have a chance to catch anything that has come loose in the first couple of rides. Any cable stretch that comes with a new bike can be addressed free of charge over the course of the year. See below.

Free 1 Year Adjustments

Book your gear and brake adjustment as often as you like in the first year to make any gear and/or brake adjustments. -Cables stretch over time. Most of that stretch will be covered in the first free full service, but it’s always good to know that we’ve got you covered if it takes you longer to stretch the cables.

How do I know my cables have stretched?

Brake cables - Over time, you start to notice that you have to pull the brake levers further before the brakes engage.

Gear cables - Over time, you start to notice strange sounds from your gears, or perhaps they begin to skip between gears.

Yearly Servicing

Just like your car, you need to have your bike service regularly before a manufacturer will stand by their warranty. Cycleworld can help keep your bike in good condition when you book a service with us.

Install the HubTiger app for free messaging with our mechanics, to manage your booking, and service histories for your bicycles.