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Posted on
1 Jun 2017

Partnering With The Community

Partnering With The Community

Cycleworld partners with 3 riding organisations based in the inner western suburbs of Sydney that fosters cycling education and sportsmanship in the next generation.

Kids On Bikes

Kids On Bikes is a bicycle riding school for all ages and skill levels. Their experienced coaches make learning to ride a bike fun! They have private and group classes available to cater for all types of riding styles.

For more information or to book a riding class visit:

Junior Cyclist

Junior Cyclist is not-for-profit organisation that fosters the necessary skills required to ride any type of bike. They run community style training clinics and development events in a less intimidating setting. As their skills and confidence increase, Juniors are encouraged to get involved with a local cycling club or bicycle user group.

For more information or when their next training session will be visit:

Interschool Cycling

Interschool Cycling is student aged winter and summer schools competition and student championship to encourage challenge student's riding abilities. Entrants do not require schools to register. Rather it is an avenue for parents and teachers to sign them up on the student's behalf and introduce them into a healthy and safe arena.

For more information or when their next event will be visit: